Google Maps For Your Project Roadmap

I have a strange addiction to Google Maps. You know those times when you hop on Facebook and suddenly it’s an hour later? I can do that on Google Maps. Although the application itself is ten years old, the ability to see where I am and what is around me never gets old. The act […]

Bring Your UX Skills Home

Let’s say you’re a top notch user experience designer. You know how to talk to stakeholders and get to the root of what they hope to gain from building a new product. You can identify your user and groups of users. Conducting a great user interview is second nature, you always walk away with pages […]

Let’s Put On Our Design Glasses

Whenever I discover a problem, or hear a story from a friend about a problem he is having, I have this phrase that I think to myself in my head. “Let’s put on our design glasses.” Everyone views the world through some level of bias. A lawyer thinks about things through the lens of the […]

Research and Reassurance

Creating a great user experience requires research. It just does. There is no way around it. You have to understand the goals of your user and know how your product is going to benefit them. You have to talk to them. User interviews are the best way I know to understand the users of any […]

The Daily Edition

Deep breath. Okay. Today is the start of something new at this blog. When I started it, I said I wanted to be generous. I have thoughts and ideas that need to be shared because I feel selfish if I keep them to myself. I haven’t been good at keeping that promise. This is the […]

On New Years Resolutions

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? Mine are going much better than last year, but not 100%.  And if you are like me or 92% of Americans, you’ve stumbled with your goals or given up entirely. I’ve been thinking a lot about how this deterioration happens.  We start out the year with gusto and […]

The Affection Scale (beta)

Shakespeare was and still is one of the great masters of the English language. He was able to paint vivid portraits in words and rhythmic sentences. I’ve introduced a few people to the works of Shakespeare and when they finally start to get the hang of it, the common question is, “Why doesn’t anybody talk […]

Between Purpose and Action

For a long time I struggled with the relationship of finding purpose and taking action. What if, unsure of purpose, I run in a direction and find myself far off course? On the other hand, I could put all my focus towards finding my purpose. In that case I’m not off course but once I […]

How To Launch Your Website In 3 Years Or Less

It should be easy to start a website. Even easier to start a blog. Just install WordPress and publish. Right? But no. Not for me. Not for most designer folk. Most will say the hardest thing is creating your own brand and designing something for yourself. It’s because we overthink everything. It has to be […]