Let’s Put On Our Design Glasses

Whenever I discover a problem, or hear a story from a friend about a problem he is having, I have this phrase that I think to myself in my head.

“Let’s put on our design glasses.”

Everyone views the world through some level of bias. A lawyer thinks about things through the lens of the law. A scientist views the world through tests and what has been proven. I like to think of these things as glasses that we all wear.

The lenses of design glasses are focused on problem solving. Sometimes the problems are my own. More often than not the problem belongs to someone else. The best design glasses help you see what everyone else’s glasses see. They are adaptable. They can see the problem the way the problem-owner sees it.

The design glasses go one step further. They can see outside the borders of the problem-owner’s world, where the procedures and behaviors that created the problem don’t exist. This is where the solution is, and why the problem owner can’t see it.

Then comes the hardest part. To truly solve their problem, you have to help them see what your design glasses see.