On New Years Resolutions

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going?

Mine are going much better than last year, but not 100%.  And if you are like me or 92% of Americans, you’ve stumbled with your goals or given up entirely.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how this deterioration happens.  We start out the year with gusto and determination.

“This is the year I will stick to my guns!”

Until we skip or slip up a few times and then say “well, there’s always next year.”

There’s always next year? What!?

So we try to start a new habit and keep at it for what, a month, and then give up for the next 11 months?

That’s rubbish. It will get us nowhere. That’s why this year I’m revisiting my resolutions each month. I know starting new habits is tough. And a time-based reboot is very motivating, but a year is too much. Let’s not waste all of that valuable time before picking them back up.

I challenge you to look at your resolutions more frequently. Give up on one or all of them halfway through January? Look at them again in February. Try to determine what caused you to fail. Write that down and, on the very next line, how you’re going to succeed next time.

Was it lack of willpower? Get some accountability from a friend (or post on the internet for worldwide accountability). One trick that helps me in the willpower department is giving myself a break for a set amount of time. If I’m trying to not eat after 8pm but I’ve been struggling with that goal all week, I’ll give myself a break for the weekend and resume on Monday.

Or maybe your resolution isn’t that important to you after all. Maybe you need to look at what your priorities are and swap out that crummy resolution for one that you are more excited about and passion will come back into play and give you the motivation you need.