The Daily Edition

Deep breath. Okay. Today is the start of something new at this blog. When I started it, I said I wanted to be generous. I have thoughts and ideas that need to be shared because I feel selfish if I keep them to myself. I haven’t been good at keeping that promise.

This is the first day of a daily edition of this blog. It sounds just as crazy in my head as it does to see it typed out. In my head, the resistance is saying, “You can’t even write a post once a week, how are you going to post every day?”

At my core I am a designer. That means I solve problems. And it’s unavoidable that my primary client is me. In the last few months I set a goal to get my blog going again on a once-a-week basis and never prioritized it. This was a problem. Why wasn’t I prioritizing it? Did I want to do this blog? Did I really? What was holding me back?

Then, on a podcast I was listening to, Seth Godin shared why he writes a daily blog: “If you know you have to write a post tomorrow, you’ll look for something to share today.”

The moment I heard this, I knew that I had to do it. One thing I never want to do is cruise through life. If I can help it, I’d prefer not to cruise through a single day. If I live every day of my life fully engaged with what I’m doing, with what’s happening to me, and make every effort to improve myself and help those around me, I’ll die with no regrets.

This blog is still about design and user experience, and I plan to share stories and learnings about craft and process, but I hope the true value gained from reading this blog will be the ways that I apply the mindset of the design trade to my life. Design isn’t just a job that I do. It’s the way I live my life, get better, and help others.

I hope the things that I learn and share will help you, too.

Problem: Sporadic blogging with lots of (imagined) pressure to write top-of-the-line content is difficult. I only want to post when “it’s ready” but it’s never ready. Solution: Write a daily blog, no matter what.